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Hi Everyone!

We decided to create an article on the pages where you will be able to ask questions about our work. Also about the Mimic Mouth project.

But please for your patience, because this functionality is precisely the time of implementation, while at present the list of frequently asked questions:

  1. Who created Mimic Mouth?

    Arkadiusz Chmielewski i Mariusz Stebelski. The idea came from a small idea. Then, after a few conversations we have signed a Partnership Agreement with Polish Association of the Deaf, Brach of Opole and Lower Silesia. We created a campaign on crowdfunding site www.IndieGogo.com

  2. Where are you from guys?

    We are from Kedzierzyn-Kozle (Opole, Poland).

  3. Why actually we create Mimic Mouth?

    We want to bring help. How we managed to figure out, in Poland there is several million people who have difficulty with hearing. ~800.000 people loses their hearing through accdidents. We want that people with disabilities to be treated like the rest of society.

  4. Do we need Employees?

    Yes of course! Current vacancies are listed on www.Innovation-Technologies.pl

  5. Are we open to partnership?

    Absolutely yes! Currently we are working with Polish Assocation of The Deaf (Branch of Opole and Branch of Lower Silesia) and the Idea Bank S.A.

  6. Can I invest?

    Absolutely yes! You can donate. We are not looking for investors. We want to be independent in 100%

  7. Can I help you guys?

    Of course you can! Follow us on social networks: Facebook, Google+, Youtube. Brag all far and wide about the Mimic Mouth application!

  8. Everything fine but when the app will be available?

    We do not want to promise a particular date, estimated time of testing and programming is 2 years. There is a lot of work for us.

  9. Do we have any other ideas?

    We have lots of ideas! But not all at once!

  10. How can you contact us?

    Facebook, Google+ or simply send us an email! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Best Regards
The Mimic Mouth Team